GFC Hair Treatment

GFS stands for ‘Growth Factor Concentrate’ – a pure highly safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation, engineered from your own blood for superior results in hair loss.

Various growth factors are stored in your platelets (a type of cell found in the blood). Few renowned scientists have been able to extract these growth factors from your blood in a high concentration as Growth Factor Concentrate ( GFC ) In a specially designed kit.

GFC IS injected directly into the scalp and your own growth factors are delivered at high concentration right at the hair root.


  • Reduced hair fall.
  • Rejuvenation of hair follicle.
  • Improved hair thickness.
  • Strengthened hair shaft.
  • Increased hair volume.
  • Stimulation of hair growth.

How is GFC different from PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment started back in the 1970s as a thrombocytopenia medium; then finally, in the 2000s, it becomes popular in Cosmetology. PRP is the biological product or portion of autologous blood plasma with the above baseline platelet concentration. It has a variable outcome each time. The single spin or double spin techniques were used, where removing RBCs and WBCs was difficult. Even the healing effect was associated with post procedural pain and inflammation.

While using this therapy for hair loss treatment, many challenges were faced- It does not provide growth factors but platelets, no standardized protocols were involved, no determining quality and quantity clarity, conflicting results, and complexity of the procedure.

GFC treatments are also derived from the patient’s blood, and only high concentrations of growth factors are derived from platelet activation. Therefore, there is no platelet loss, and the overall procedure is effortless to perform. Additionally, unlike PRP, the GFC can be stored for 8 hours at room temperature and 4 degrees Celsius for seven days. Thus, the overall results are optimum, with minimal chances of pain, inflammation, and infection, and the whole procedure takes less time.