Moustache Transplant

Men are pretty much hard-wired to the idea of sporting a good, thick moustache. Most men also associate the idea of masculinity with their beard and moustache. While some men have a good crop of facial hair, some do not. There can be many reasons behind this, ranging from genetic & hereditary factors to surgical injuries to after effects of laser hair removal. If you are looking for a moustache treatment, moustache transplant procedure (FUE Technique) might be a good option for you. If you have less hair in the moustache line, you might want to go for it. The technique used for this procedure is called FUE or follicular unit extraction technique.

Who are good candidates for Moustache Transplant?

  • Men who want a natural looking, thick moustache.
  • Men with a patchy moustache.
  • Men with a sparsely spread moustache.
  • Men who have lost facial hair due to accident
  • Men who have lost hair due to allergies or reactions.
  • Men who have lost hair due to facelift procedures